Let's reset my activity

2015-12-17 13:50:21 by Xander24

I am pretty damn inactive around Newgrounds. I admit. But I could say that to pretty much anywhere on the Internet. 
I barely (or nothing) have been posting content of my artwork here, and even on my Tumblr blog. This is mostly due to the fact that I entered in the 3D Animation & CGI program which has been taking a lot of my time. I adore the course, and I am finally realizing that I actually have talent to give and show. 

So in order to keep myself and FORCE myself to stop procrastinating about this, I'll try my best to keep more of an online presence. Or else... yeah, no.

Sorry for any of my followers! Procrastination is a thing that I deal every freaking day of my life with any of my programmed tasks, and I have been slowly disciplining myself to avoid it.

Also, I've been more active on Tumblr for posting some sketches and related content, but I need to provide more attention to my profile here at Newgrounds. This is the place where most of my favorite animators and content creators come from! This is an amazing place! Plus, the motivation to come back more here would be due to the SleepyCabin crew (I am adoring their podcast).

So, let's reset and start over with my activity! And I'll start sharing a recent animatic I did (as a school assignment, but I am proud of it for such accomplishment and commitment of my part), of "Bearing Bunny"/"Bunny and the Caveman"!

Realizing that being inactive prejudices your art / Roomates!

2013-04-15 08:38:31 by Xander24

Even that I'm a Quality Assurance Game Tester, I am sat all day, pretty much not doing any exercise. And that is reflecting on my will to draw. I've become too lazy, even to draw something that I enjoy, but at the end I never finish it, or it looks like crap.

Guess that I have to start going to a Gym, or doing exercise and jogging outside. Because if I don't, I'll have problems later. And I'm freaking 22 years old :(

I'm such a loser.
Also I want to mention, I'm right now looking for a roomate to share an apartment with, in Montréal, Quebéc!! I'm entering in Film Animation at the Concordia University, and I think it would be a neat idea to share an apartment with someone, in order to control the costs.
If you are interested, or also looking, just send me a PM, e-mail, or make a post here! :D

I do want someone that is responsible, has some income per month preferably (works part-time, whatever), but I don't want anyone who's in the "Underground" sides and Punk and getting always drunk... I already deal a lot with those at my job and with other friends of mine... yeah >_>;;
I'm a totally "Overground" guy (Lol XD), happy-go-round, always mentally energic, really really geeky and nerdy, and I play a lot of videogames also, owning all the consoles! ;D

OH MY, This place seems dead!

2011-05-29 05:58:33 by Xander24

Well, i dunno if i have any followers here, but anyway. I really don't go to Newgrounds Art Portal a long time ago.
I'll put mostly here Fan-Art, or awesomesauce pictures xD.

By the way, i would be glad if you could follow my Sketchblog, where most of my art appears XD.

httpThe AWESOME Tumblr Sketchblog!

Also There is my deviantArt lol. /o/

Oh by the way,
I'm taking COMISSIONS! And i would be the most HAPPIEST GUY in the world if you ask for some xDDD.


2009-12-24 10:47:16 by Xander24

Comission Information

Hey there people of Newgrounds! :D

Well, i got paypal, and I'm starting selling comissions, not only here lol. But so i want to have people here calling me for that, lol, kidding XD.
The reason is because i need money to pay the college fees until February, because i got my scholarship suspended in 3 months (until february), and i need to pay these fees, and i don't have money for them right now, so i need your help :|

Well, let's set this simple:
- Sketch of a Character: 3EU / 5 US Dollars
- Lineart of a Character: 5EU / 7 US Dollars
- Base-Color Textured Canvas of a Character (With Simple Background): 8EU / 10 US Dollars
- Full colored of a Character (With Simple Background): 10EU / 13 US Dollars
Without a simple background, if you want so, the prices goes low by 1EU / 2 US dollars

These are prices for Full-body character.
For half-body/half-Portrait, the prices low in 2EU / 3 US Dollars (Ex: 10EU/13USD - 2EU/3USD = 8EU/10USD)

I'll draw anytpe of character, even Fan-Art. I won't draw Porn content.

For more specifcly information, you can check the link above, or send me a message or e-mail :)


And by the way, MERRY Christmas everyone XD. And a happy new year!

Hmm... I'm a newbie right D:

2009-07-10 15:47:17 by Xander24

Well, yeah. I'm a new guy in the Newgrounds town XD.
I always go here to see new Flash stuff from all the artists around here, and also musics. There's for sure a big variety of musics, and excelent ones, around here.

Wow, that's a really great feature that Newground put here! The Art Portal :D.
Now i can see other Artwork than i normally see in DeviantArt :P.

Well whatever :/.